Objectives and aims

The commitment to divulge a knowledge of wine the culture surrounding it
The Association’s main aims include education and the promotion of the wole of women in the winemaking and wine tourism industries
  • Divulging a culture of wine and responsible drinking
  • Promotion of the role of Le Donne del Vino in society and at work
  • Linking up Le Donne del Vino, encouraging shares projects, education and educational holidays
  • Carrying the voice of Le Donne del Vino to Italian and foreign wine institutions and organisations

The association’s aims are closely connected to its professional aspects: the hugely varied and complex wine industry needs those who work within it to see the dissemination of awareness about the product and interaction with the outside world as a social commitment, not only from an agricultural and commercial point of view.

The guiding principles of Associazione Nazionale Le Donne del Vino are:


  • Respect for the consumer
  • Defence of the landscape
  • Pursuit of natural production
  • Education about consuming in moderation
  • Promotion of a knowledge of wine and its role as part of a well-balanced diet
  • Awareness of the ethical and hedonistic values of food
  • Constant professional updates, relating to both technical aspects and communication
  • Promotion of events which focus consumer attention on the various subjects pursued by the Association

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